Montessori Days of the week (wheel calendar)

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Disc of the Week is a weekly disc for kids who want time stamps!

Notion of the week - Purpose and Use in the "more information" section (below)

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Each child should be able to learn at their own pace and according to their own interests.

The disc of the week is an introduction to the concept of the week.

The week is a cycle:

The week is a cycle:

the days follow and return at a rate of 7 days. It is a wheel that the child turns over the days. Even if the child is not a reader, the simple act of turning the wheel tells him that the night has passed (a concept already seen with the wheel of the day) and that a new day is here.

Use :

The disc should be visible to the child, so every morning you will invite him to spin the wheel for a day. It can become a ritual in your routine. Initially, you will specify "today" and use the phrase "today is Monday" (The name of the day is framed with the words "Today"). Saturday and Sunday are grayed out, so they echo the beam of time and the perpetual agenda. Once the names of the week have been learned, we can introduce the concept of "yesterday", start by saying "yesterday was Sunday and today is Monday". Later, introduce the notion of "tomorrow", using the same sentence construction: "yesterday was Sunday and today is Monday, then tomorrow will be Tuesday".


Montessori Days of the week (wheel - calendar)