Montessori beam linear calendar 2023 printable

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The Montessori beam linear calendar is an annual calendar for kids who want time frames!

January to December

It will help your child to visualize a full month or a full year (from the beginning to the end). It helps your child to position himself/herself in time through the events you write down the calendar.

length of your choice: Small or Large

theme: nature or birds

Available in english, script and also for the southern hemisphere (australia ... :) choose the language option)

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Montessori beam calendar to print

Each child should be able to learn at their own pace and according to their own interests.

available in english, script and also for the southern hemisphere (australia ... :) choose the language option)

I do not propose an "age group" in the learning, that is to say that you alone, by the observation of the child and according to the interests of the child, can suggest these tools as an accompaniment and not as a "knowledge" to "know" in a given time.

As I specify in the booklet of Ma Pochette sur le Temps: "The notion of time is a complex and abstract concept which also requires a mastery of several other related notions. This is why the structuring of time is acquired through a long learning process. which is spread over several years.The adults must be aware of this in order to support the child in this learning, respecting the interests and development of the child according to his rhythm and his individual characteristics. "


With these supports, you invite the child to observe, feel and experience time in a concrete way. It is therefore essential to associate them with sensory experiences and lived-in activities in order to permanently and positively anchor these notions.


Notions covered:

La poutre du temps


Full year from January to December:

Small calendar about 1m77 (1 day = 0.5 cm / 3 pages)

Large calendar about 3m (1 day = 0.8 cm / 6 pages)

Montessori beam linear calendar 2023